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Summer berry banana bread


 Cake for breakfast? Yes please! This fluffy banana bread is vegan, healthy and loaded with summer berries! The most difficult part of baking vegan cakes is always to find a good substitute to eggs. In this case, bananas work perfectly! The texture is fluffy and moist and you won’t notice […]

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Peanut butter overnight oats


 With just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes prep time, these overnight oats are a great alternative to porridge/oatmeal when it’s very hot outside. Make sure to prepare them in the evening to enjoy cold the next morning! You can use any nut butter of choice, but peanut butter is always […]

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Summer soba salad


 A big bowl of noodles is always a great idea, right? And when a heat wave is hitting your country, I swear that having cold soba is just the most refreshing and delicious meal you can have. Not summer where you live? no worries, this recipe can also be served […]

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Vegan madeleines


 Madeleines are traditional french butter cakes made with lots of butter, milk, eggs and sugar. Not really healthy, huh? But since everybody in my family loves them, I always wanted to create my own, healthier recipe for madeleines. The classic recipe is a little bit tricky, so I couldn’t imagine […]

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Açai berry and rose tartlets


 Girly, pretty and healthy. These tartlets are the perfect afternoon tea treat! So easy to make, vegan, refined sugar-free, plant-based and gluten-free. The filling is very simple, as it’s made with full fat coconut milk and açai powder. I also added some lemon juice to balance the coconut milk and […]

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Double chocolate banana bread


 Fluffy, fudgy, rich, decadent. And still super healthy! Do you make banana bread only when you have some very ripe, spotted bananas that nobody wants to eat? I promise you that with this recipe you will go to buy bananas on purpose to make this delicious cake 😉 This is […]

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Black forest naked cake


  Chocolate and cherries. Is there any better combo? Black forest cake is the favorite of most of my family and friends. But I usually never eat it because of the amount of cream and sugar. This is why I made my own recipe, which happens to be healthy, dairy- […]

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Vanilla almond granola


 I can’t believe that only a few years ago I was used to buying granola at the supermarket. Once you try to make it yourself and you realize how easy it is, you wont’be able to buy it again! The best part of homemade granola is that you can use […]

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Breakfast muffins


 These muffins have rolled oats in the batter and are topped with seeds , dried fruits and nuts. The perfect ingredients for a delicious breakfast! These muffins have a very light and fluffy texture thanks to the coconut yogurt and they’re sweetend with maple syrup. You can chose the toppings […]