Hi! My name is Yukiko and I am a Swiss food blogger.

I created my Instagram page @foodie.yuki and later this baking blog to share my favorite recipes, which are mostly plant-based, dairy-free and vegan.

Food is an expression of love. It is the centerpiece of family gatherings; the glue that brings and holds people together.

My italian grandmother used to cook for 12 people even when we were only 5 people. Her pantry was full of homemade jams, syrups, pickled veggies and all the goods she made with home grown fruits, veggies and flowers.

As for my Japanese grandmother, she taught me how to fold perfect dumplings when I was only 7. There was so much love and precision in every single dumpling she folded. She taught me the importance of patience and carefullness.

In a family with so many good chefs, with my mom cooking every day delicious homemade meals, I didn’t really felt the need to cook until I leaved for University and realized I was eating the same pasta every single day.

I really wanted to improve my cooking skills, but had no time because of my studies in medicine.

Things changed drastically after being diagnosed with severe heart disease when I was 23 and undergoing a heart transplant when I was 29, back in 2012.

The long illness and the experience overall have radically changed my way of dealing with life. I learned to appreciate and cherish every single moment of my life and to be grateful for the smallest things. I realized that I used to give so many things for granted – my family, good food, friends and especially being healthy.

After having fought for my life for many years, I was given a second chance and I didn’t want to waste it. That’s why I decided to enjoy my life more and to finally get to improve my cooking skills.

And that’s how the kitchen became my happy place and baking became my therapy.