Hi! My name is Yukiko and I am a Food & Lifestyle blogger from Lugano, Switzerland.

I am passionate about cooking and photography and I develop healthy homemade recipes, with dairy-free, egg-free and vegan options.

I love baking. There is something magical about kneading dough or watching cakes rising in the oven. It is kinda therapeutic.

Food is an expression of love. It is the centerpiece of family gatherings; the glue that brings and holds people together.

I underwent a heart transplant at the age of 29 following a long illness.

The illness and the experience overall have radically changed my way of dealing with life. I learned to appreciate and to cherish every single moment of my life and to be grateful for the smallest things. I realized that I used to give so many things for granted – my family, good food, friends and especially being healthy.

Three years ago I created my Instagram page @ foodie.yuki not only to share my recipes and photos, but also to inspire people not to give up and to face life with a positive attitude.

Thanks to my Instagram page, I had the opportunity to collaborate with various Brands, Magazines and internationally renowned personalities.

I love hiking and soaking up in nature with my dogs. It helps me clear my mind and reduce stress.

I love exploring new places and always be on adventure!

To follow my journey and never miss a new recipe or post, follow me on Instagram @foodie.yuki. I’d be very happy to connect with you!


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